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  1. Q Ball, The 800lb Gorilla
    April 29, 2011

    Damn, I just learned this site is no longer in business. I have been away due to personal matters since this past Summer and …wow. The dopes graff writer site is gone.

    I know how this is. My site has took a hit due to personal matters me and my crew are experiencing now.

    Got to give props to UrbnFabrik. That place was dope as hell!


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UrbnFabrik was a social networking site aimed at Graffiti Artists. It was a mix between Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and MySpace and gave artists the tools to create their own Gallery of work and to be able to communicate with other members through blogs, bulletins and personal messages.

It brought alot of Old Skool writers together again which was the main objective. We organised a few get togethers (jams) and supplied free paint courtesy of our sponsor Monster Colors and also free food and drink along with free Tshits printed at cost by good old Mr Toes!.

Along with the site we produced a digital magazine called HardGrafft that featured members work along with product reviews and because it was digital included video as well!

Due to its success it became impossible to run as a part time project, so due to this and the ever growing server costs due to its popularity we sadly had to close it down. We gave 4 years of our life to this so it was a very hard decision to make - but if anyone out there want to help get it up and running again or sponsor it get in touch!