My mind is a tupperware box for creativity!

Since leaving school in 1989, I have been involved in the creative design and print industry. Working on numerous projects from start-ups to established companies. With over 20 years experience I can go beyond your typical logo and stationary design packages.

Many years before the world of graphical communications became digital, I was working hard in several Design and Print companies learning the old school basics and disciplines of design from experienced professionals, such as page layouts, typography, colour theory kerning and leading. Other Key skills were gained using process cameras and typesetters, which were the Apple Macs of the day. Using all these skills and tools enabled me to generate all the elements to paste my artwork by hand.

Today, most of my design work is created using an Apple Mac computer, using software programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which are fundamentally no different than pen or paper. Computers and software are just modern day tools and as such have no intrinsic ability to create anything themselves except in the hands of an experienced designer or artist!



My professional career started way back in 1989 in a small town in the Black Country called Blackheath at a local printers and marketing company called Midway Proofers and Leyland Marketing. It was here i learned the skills that i have mentioned along with plate making and colour seperations ready for printing on a press.

In 1992 i decided to enroll at Stourbridge Art College on a 2 year BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design. Here i was taken under the wing of experienced Designer and probably one of the best artists i have ever seen. Phil Westwood was my tutor and i absorbed as much as i could during my time with him and still use disiplines to this day that were passed on to me from this knowledgeable artist.

On completing the course i moved to the Isle of Wight with my then girlfriend Rachael (now my wife) and was lucky enough to be offered a job with a new Island Design Company where i found my self thrown in at the deep end and had to learn very very fast. After 3 years it was time to move on when an opening at the established Marriott Design became available. My time at Marriotts was a major turning point for me as i was surrounded by other like minded designers and creatives and learned so much in my time there, Brian Marriott had a long heritage in the design industry and again i made sure i learned a great deal about the industry and about my self as an artist in my time under Brian.


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